Taxi Jubilee
London Taxis:
a full history
by Bill Munro

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Taxi Jubilee
Taxi Jubilee
by Bill Munro

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Taxi Jubilee
An Italian Home – Settling by Lake Como
by Paul Wright

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The London taci Company

The London Taxi Company - makers of the TX4, the best and most advanced purpose-built taxi in the world


About Earlswood Press

The name Earlswood Press came about, in 2009, when founder Bill Munro needed a name under which he could self-publish his new book, Taxi Jubilee. The choice was easy: Earlswood is a part of Surrey very close to where he lives! The company branched out into biographies when, in 2010 Bill met artist Paul Wright at Paul's villa by Lake Como and agreed to publish the manuscript of his book 'An Italian Home - Settling by Lake Como'.

The aim of the company has always been to maintain and improve the standard of books produced independently on a small scale by micro-publishers, both content and in finish. Independent publishers cannot make use of the economies of scale that larger publishing houses can command, and thus buyers of their books are often asked to pay a higher price. We work very closely with our authors on the manuscripts and the book concept and design to ensure that the finished products are as good as they can be, and thus give the buyer the best value possible.

We plan to expand over the next couple of years, and we are looking for new titles, especially those in the history field and photographic books. We sell some of our titles in the USA and are particularly interested in finding titles that appeal to anglophiles on the other side of the Atlantic.

If you have a title you think would fit in well with either of our imprints, find out more here.

About Bill Munro

Bill MunroAfter more than forty years in the London cab trade, Bill stopped driving a cab in 2015 to work full-time at Earlswood Press. "Retirement" would be wholly the wrong word to describe him leaving the cab trade, because he is busier now than he has ever been!

He started writing while at school with occasional contributions for the then new Drag Racing and Hot Rod Magazine. In the early 1990s, after a gap of nearly twenty-five years he returned to writing, with a regular column for the LTDA's Taxi Newspaper, which led to his first book, Carbodies, the Complete Story, followed by several car club newsletters and magazines and books and magazine articles. He continues to write, although not so much now. The books he is researching are listed below, and if you have any information to share about the subjects, or would like to know something about them, please get in touch.

Books Written by Bill Munro for other Publishers

FX Black Cab manualFX4 Black Cab Enthusiasts' Manual

Part of a new range of Enthusiast Manuals from Haynes, this book traces the history and development of the ubiquitous Austin FX4 London Taxi, built between 1958 and 1997.

Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 160 pages, 141 colour & 87 b&w illustrations

ISBN: 9780857331267

Available from Haynes Books at £21.99

The London TaxiThe London Taxi

(With Nick Georgano)

Illustrated throughout with many black and white photographs, The London Taxi follows the development of the taxi, painting an image of the changing lifestyles of Londoners through the context of the growing cab trade and the many different styles of taxi that have served the people of London

Paperback, A5, 64 pages, 90 colour and b&w illustrations

ISBN: 9780747806929

Available from Shire Books at £5.99

Ongoing projects

William Beardmore, Field Marshall of Industry

Sir William Beardmore, Bart, knighted in 1914 for his services to shipbuilding
Sir William Beardmore, Bart, knighted in 1914 for his services to shipbuilding

Largely forgotten by modern students of industry and naval history, William Beardmore, Baron Invernairn played a pivotal role in the prosperity of nineteenth and early twentieth century Glasgow, his adopted city.

Beardmore earned the honour, ‘The Field Marshall of Industry’ after the Great War, when he contributed greatly to the output of munitions munitions. At the end of the war he built the R34 airship, the first aircraft to make a two-way crossing of the Atlantic. In the 1920s, he moved the company into the field of transport, building cars, motorcycles, taxicabs, locomotives, aircraft and, for George Bennie, a monorail, the Bennie Railplane. But the economic climate of the 1920s crippled the company and he was forced out of his company. He died in 1936, in his eightieth year.

This is a long-term project and I would very much like to hear from anyone with any connections with Beardmore, his wife, Elspeth, née Tullis or anyone who has an interest in either the Beardmores or the products of the factory.


A beautifully restored Beardmore 12/30 tourer of 1924
A very rare restored 1934 Hillman Sports, with a body
designed and built originally by Carbodies

This ongoing project follows on from my first book about the Coventry coachbuilder that is now The London Taxi Company, I continue to be surprised at the amount of material still around concerning Carbodies and the company's products and I am always keen to hear from anyone who has information to share or has questions to ask.

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