Taxi Jubilee
London Taxis:
a full history
by Bill Munro

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Taxi Jubilee
Taxi Jubilee
by Bill Munro

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Taxi Jubilee
An Italian Home – Settling by Lake Como
by Paul Wright

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An Italian Village: a perspective on life beside Lake Como

Paul Wright

An Italian Village: a perspective on life beside Lake Como

English artist Paul Wright and his partner, Nicola moved to the village of Moltrasio, on the shore of Lake Como in northern Italy in 1993, moving to the small, unspoiled village of Argegno in the early 2000s. In this, the follow up to his successful debut book, ‘An Italian Home’, Paul describes Italian village life, particularly focussing on the Italian male. His regular dialogue with a group of men who have retired, mostly from the catering trade, punctuates his adventures beyond the village boundaries for all manner of clients, both reputable and not so reputable in the surrounding area and beyond, to the Italian Riviera.

After selling some of his trademark Trompe L’Oeil painted furniture to an American client, he finds himself working for one of them at his home in New England, and enjoying a break in New York City, where he discusses the art market. With his typical Liverpudlian humour, Paul pulls no punches in describing the behaviour, likes, dislikes and prejudices of the people he meets.

Paperback | 264 pages | 198mm x 126mm | ISBN 9780993101892 | Cover price UK £8.99, US $14.95

November 2016 (UK) and May 2017 (USA)

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Dairy Cows and Duck Races - the Tale of a Young Farmer

Philip Dixon

Dairy Cows and Duck Races - the Tale of a Young Farmer

As a boy, all Northumbrian-born Philip Dixon wanted in life was to be a farmer. In Dairy Cows and Duck Races he tells the story of how he got there, starting work on a farm at the age of fifteen, along the way handling many temperamental bulls, meeting some very “witchy” women, getting married and raising a family, acquiring his own farm and being part of the Round Table team that invented the plastic duck race!

Life was not altogether easy for Philip: an accident left him unable to run the farm safely, and his next business was brought to bankruptcy by some very dirty tricks. But he picked himself up and fought on, with a strength and optimism that shines through in every page.

Dairy Cows and Duck Races, a tale of rural life set in Northumbria and Yorkshire in the north of England between the mid-1960s and early 1980s is filled with colourful and fascinating characters, some coming from a generation that is all but lost to us.

Paperback | 264 pages | 198mm x 126mm | ISBN 9780957475410 | Cover price UK £8.99 USA $14.95

Scheduled for publication November 2016 (UK) and May 2017 (USA)

“...candid, humorous and outspoken...”
The Northumbrian Magazine

“Skilfully crafted tales of farming life that veer seamlessly between enchanting and explicit, hilarious and heart-breaking.”
Paul Radford, former Reuter’s senior editor

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An Italian Home – Settling by Lake Como

Paul Wright

An Italian Home – Settling by Lake Como

Just what is it like for a foreigner to live and work in a northern Italian village, and become part of the community? How tough is it to leave your home country and settle in a new one? What do you have to do to be accepted by the people who live in a village that has existed for over five hundred years?

Award-winning mural and Trompe L’oeil artist and stage designer Paul Wright and his partner Nicola found out the hard way, working, playing, laughing, eating and drinking alongside the residents of a beautiful lakeside village

A must for anyone planning to visit northern Italy, and Lake Como in particular

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Paperback | 264 pages | 198mm x 126mm ISBN 9780956230812 | Cover price UK £8.99 USA $14.95

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"A charming storytelling style that flows very naturally ... a pleasure to read. Particularly suited to anyone looking for a way to pass a lazy Sunday"
Self Publishing Magazine

"Paul Wright's tribute to the robust pleasures of village life … brings out the generosity and humanity of the inhabitants of Moltrasio”
Desmond O’Grady, Italian Insider Review

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