About Earlswood Press

Don’t the best things in life sometimes come about by happenstance? Or maybe they happen because that ‘happenstance’ shines a whopping great spotlight on what really should be happening. That’s how it happened with me and the creation of Earlswood Press.

I had been writing for other publishers since the late 1990s and approached a transport publisher to produce a book I had in mind about the FX4 taxi. That company was dissolved on the sad death of the proprietor, so it seemed like my project would collapse. But I had created, and had been publishing Vintage Taxi, the magazine of the London Vintage Taxi Association and in doing so gained the experience and software to typeset the book, so I thought, why not publish it myself?

That’s how Taxi Jubilee – Fifty Years of the Austin FX4 London Taxi came about. Then I needed an imprint to publish it under in double-quick time and I chose the name of a village just south of where I live – Earlswood!

The opportunity soon followed to diversify, when I took on An Italian Home – Settling by Lake Como, the autobiography of ex-pat English artist Paul Wright. Since then, I have published three more books on taxis and added to the biography portfolio, producing both print and ebook editions.

The happenstance didn’t end there, though. I’d been driving a London taxi for a living since the early 1970s and had been getting more and more miserable doing it. Then, one summer’s day in 2015 I looked at what I was getting out of it, which, frankly was peanuts, both financially and intellectually and I decided there and then to sell the cab and get out. I have never for one second looked back. Life is too short to spend doing what you hate …

What we do now

Until the end of 2017 I had been publishing two strands – motoring books and popular biographies. Although the biographies gained a following, it was an odd mix and I decided it was better to focus on the motoring stuff, which is what I knew much more about . After all, I’d been a car nut since I was a small kid, so it made absolute sense. Maybe the spotlight of happenstance hadn’t lit up that one particular corner until then.

Publish with Earlswood

I’m currently looking for new motoring and motor sport topics to publish, preferably, but not exclusively illustrated works. These can be a history of a particular car or a biography of somebody of note in the motoring or motor sport world. If you have written a motoring book,  or are currently writing one, please visit the contact page and send me a short note about your idea. We’ll take it from there.

I will also consider subjects in other transport genres, such as railways, buses, trucks or whatever.

I don’t publish fiction, poetry or children’s books. I simply don’t know anything about these genres, so I’d be wasting your time and mine trying to make it all work.