About Earlswood Press

What Earlswood Press does

Earlswood Press, my company is a one-man-band operation, publishing books on hitherto obscure automotive topics – the stories you knew of, but about which little was really known.

These may be subjects you search for on the internet, and when you do find  something – anything – you frequently find that information recycled from what other people have written, and much of that is inaccurate.

That’s where I come in, digging out the truth behind those stories or publishing the work of others who have done the same. I don’t publish a lot, because I want to get it right and that takes time.

What I can offer you, the reader and enthusiast is involvement, both before and after publication. If you’re interested in the topic, please contact me, by email or telephone (you can even write me a letter!) and I’ll always be happy to discuss with you any aspect of the topics I write about. I’ve learned so much this way and I hope I continue to do so

Publish with Earlswood Press

I’m always looking for a new motoring and motor sport topic to publish, preferably, but not exclusively an illustrated work. It might be the history of a particular car or a biography of somebody of note in the motoring or motor sport world. If you have written a motoring book,  or are currently writing one, please contact me and send me a short note about your idea and we’ll take it from there.

I will also consider subjects in other transport genres, such as railways, buses, trucks or whatever.

I don’t publish fiction, poetry or children’s books. I simply don’t know anything about these genres, so I’d be wasting your time and mine trying to make it all work.