Ferguson Formula Vehicles

Vehicles built using Ferguson Formula Technology

(Note: this list is not exhaustive. If you know of the whereabouts of any vehicles marked with an asterisk, or can add to the list, please contact us)

  • Vehicles converted by HFR, FFD or GKN as limited production, proof of concept or for production engineering
  • Vehicles with components, i.e. VCs, transfer cases, transmissions, complete drivelines built by HFR or FFD and delivered to manufacturer
One-off builds or conversions

*Indicates vehicle whereabouts unknown, or is not known to have survived
**Indicates vehicle is known to have been, or is understood to have been scrapped

Research Cars

Dixon-Rolt Crab
Ferguson-Climax F1 car, P99
Note: RPE 4, the car commonly referred to as R4, which is on display in the Coventry Motor Museum is actually R3F

Indy cars

Novi-Ferguson P104
Granatelli-Novi 4WD (understood to have been scrapped) **
Paxton Turbocar
Lotus 56/1, 56/2, 56/3, 56/4

Formula 1 cars, single seat racing cars and sports racing cars

Lotus 56B
Felday 4
Felday 5
Hepworth-Ferguson Guyson Sandblast Special
Matra MS84**

Vehicles converted by Harry Ferguson Research, FF Developments or GKN as prototypes or special conversions for private customers

Ford Capri Mk1 facelift (green)
Ford Capri II (black)
Ford Custom 500*
Ford Mk4 Zephyr estate (ex- Pat Hall)
Ford Mk4 Zodiac Estate (ex- Tony Rolt, aka ‘The Shed’)
Jaguar XJ6 V8 FF*
1965 Ford Mustang Tudor
1966 Ford Mustang Tudor*
1968 Ford Mustangs (believed 2) built for Borg-Warner*
1968 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet
1971 Ford Mustang Boss 305 convertible
Jensen FFF100
Reliant Scimitar GTE (GKN)
Triumph Stag (2)
Triumph 2.5PI Estate
Triumph 2.5PI estate with Stag engine
Triumph 2.5PI saloon*
Plymouth Fury Police car*
Ford Fairlane Police car*
Volvo 144*
Volvo 164*

Vehicles converted by Harry Ferguson Research, FF Developments or GKN as limited production runs

Bedford CF 4×4
Opel Senator, MVEE**
Opel Senator, civilian**
Ford Capri Mk1
Ford Capri Mk1 (German built)
Ford Mk4 Zephyr saloons, including police cars *

Limited production or production cars built by other companies with components supplied by Harry Ferguson Research or FF Developments

Jensen FF
Schuler Super Ranger
Ford RS200

4WD vehicles built by FF Developments as prototypes/proof of concept/production engineering

AMC Eagle
BMW 323iX
Buick Century
Chevrolet Astro / GMC Safari
Ford Sierra 4×4
Fiat 128
Jaguar XJ220 4WD
Mazda 323GTX
MG Metro 6R4
Opel Manta B Group B rally car
Peugeot 405 Mi16 4×4
Subaru Rex
Toyota Vista
Toyota Camry
Toyota Celica GT4

4WD vehicles engineered by other companies using FF technology

Audi quattro Sport S1
BMW 325iX
Fairchild-Hiller (New York) Safety Car
Ford Escort Cosworth Turbo
Ford Sierra XR4x4/Cosworth 4×4
Ford Granada Scorpio 4×4
Lancia Delta S4
Lancia Delta HF 4×4 and Integrale
Land Rover Freelander
MG Metro 6R4
Peugeot 205 T16
Peugeot 405 T16
Range Rover Classic, 1989-on
Renault 21 Quadra
Renault Espace Quadra
Subaru Legacy
Volkswagen Golf Syncro
VW Passat GT Syncro
Volkswagen Transporter Syncro
Volvo 850 T4 4×4