Vintage Taxi Hire
  • Do you want a vintage taxi for your wedding or special occasion?
  • Do you need a vintage taxi for film or TV work?
  • Would you like to see some in a museum somewhere?

Here is a list of companies and individuals that hire out cabs.
We provide these links as a courtesy only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of these sites, nor can we be held responsible for any problems arising from any arrangements you may  make with those that run them

The London Cab Company
Suppliers of London taxis as action vehicles and picture cars to the TV and movie industry and for PR stunts and corporate affairs

Specialist Taxicabs
Suppliers of vintage London and American taxis to the film and TV industry

 Austins Vintage Taxis
Vintage taxi hire in South West London

Cheshire’s Austin Taxi Service
Vintage 1934 Austin taxis for wedding hire in London, Middlesex, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire

Classic London Taxi
Vintage taxi hire in Berkshire and London

Holbeach Vintage Taxi Hire
Vintage 1971 Winchester London taxi for wedding hire in Holbeach, South Lincolnshire

James’s Wedding Car Service
Vintage taxi hire in London & the Home Counties

Mr Stringer London Taxi
Austin FX3 London taxi for hire in Cologne, Germany (German language site)

The Public Carriage Co
Vintage Austins and other fine cars for wedding hire in west Surrey and Middlesex

Vintage Austins of Berkshire
One of the finest ranges of Austin Cars and Taxis for wedding and other hire

Mortimer Cabs
London taxi and other British cars for hire in Cologne, Germany (German language site)

Wedding Taxis
Wedding Taxis for London & the Home Counties

White London Taxi
White Fairway and TX London taxis for wedding hire in London, Surrey & Sussex

Parts and services for old London taxis or any other taxi related products

Ross Campbell’s Taxi Photos
Photos of taxis, both old and new Flikr

Kip Motor Company
Based in Dallas, Texas, the USA’s Authority on Metropolitan, London Taxi, and uncommon British antique vehicles for parts, service and restoration

Leacy Classics
Supplier of parts for vintage taxis, specialisjng in the FX4 and Fairway

Museums where you may find old London taxis

London Transport Museum
Based in Covent Garden, Central London, this premier museum regularly displays old London taxis alongside historic buses, trams, trolleybuses and underground trains

London Bus Museum
The home of the London Bus Preservation Trust

East Anglia Transport Museum
The region’s premier Transport museum

Organistaions whose members may be enthusiasts of old taxicabs

Historic Commercial Vehicle Society
The national organisation for historic commercial vehicle enthusiasts

Organisations and individuals whose websites feature old London taxis

Park Royal Vehicles
Dedicated to the west London company that built many of London’s buses and much more besides